Q. How do I register my team for your tournament?

A. To register online, click the “register here” button on the Registration page and follow instructions that follow. Registration is only accepted online.

Q. Where is the tournament located?

A. Our tournaments are played in Martinsburg and Inwood, WV, centered 20 minutes in between both Hagerstown, MD and Winchester, VA off of Interstate 81.

Q. How far is your tournament location from Washington D.C. or Baltimore, MD?

A. Approximately 90 minutes, 80 miles.

Q. What is your normal level of competition?

A. Generally very good, we get a good mix of teams because of our central location.

Q. From where do teams travel?

A. Last year our tournaments hosted teams from VA, MD, PA, WV, NY, NJ, OH, DE, D.C., and KY. The majority of teams that come to our tournaments are from the Baltimore, MD, Washington D.C., Frederick, MD, and Northern Virginia areas as well as many local teams.

Q. How are the facilities?

A. All facilities are of the highest quality. They are one of the biggest reasons why our events continue to sell out. You can view them at the following links Berkeley 2000 Recreation Center and W. Randy Smith Center. The approximate driving time between our locations is 15 minutes however, while scheduling we will do our best so that your team will play all of your games at the same location both days. Please note that Martinsburg Fire Max Exposure is not directly associated with the Parks and Recreation Board that run these facilities and any questions should be directed to tina@enoticesports.com

Q. Do you honor schedule requests or can you schedule my team as we need?

A. We are more than willing to honor scheduling requests as long as they are included on your registration form. Our schedules are emailed out the Wednesday before the tournament and once our schedule is made it can not be changed.

Q. For two-day events, can my team play all of their games in one day?

A. In some cases this is possible, however most of our tournaments require you to play both Saturday and Sunday.

Q. Do you schedule games on Fridays?

A. No, we only play on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q. What times do games start and end?

A. Our tournaments normally begin at 8 or 9 AM and are finished no later than 6 or 7 PM.

Q. Do you always have enough teams? If not, do you cancel the tournament?

A. As our tournaments have gained popularity we have always sold out our events. We have never cancelled a tournament in 23 years of hosting events. We recommend early registration because tournaments will fill up.

Q. Do you separate divisions by age or grade?

A. Even though we are not AAU sanctioned, we follow AAU guidelines because most travel teams follow those guidelines. You can find these guidelines at aaugirlsbasketball.org or aauboysbasketball.org.

Q. Do you combine age divisions?

As a rule, we try to stay with in age groups however, if divisions need to be combined, all coaches will be called and notified in advance in order to prepare or make the decision to withdraw from the tournament.

Q. Is the tournament bracket or pool play?

A. Our tournaments are either pool play or round robin, depending on number of teams in the division.

Q.  Do you play running clock or stop clock?

A. We only play stop clock games. 3rd to 8th grade are two 12 minute halves. 9th-12th are two 14 minute halves.

Q. Do teams have to provide scorekeepers?

A. No, we provide scorekeepers.

Q. With what size ball do the boy’s divisions play?

A. Boys 5th Grade and below: Girls Ball, 6th Grade and Up: Boys Ball.

Q. What happens when a player, fan, or coach gets ejected from a game?

A. An ejected player, fan, or coach will be disqualified and can NOT return to the tournament and MUST leave all buildings in which the tournament is held.  No Exceptions!

Q. Do you give awards?

A. Yes, we give medals to the winners of each division.

Q. Is there a cost for parents to attend games?

A. Yes, WEEKEND PASS:      Ages 18 & up) – $25       Ages 9-17 – $15         Ages 8 and under – FREE

DAY PASS:        Ages 18 & up) – $15       Ages 9-17 – $9         Ages 8 and under – FREE

Q. Do players and coaches have to pay daily admission?

A. Players do not have to pay admission and each team is allowed 2 coaches free. Any additional coaches/staff/scorekeepers/or team moms do have to pay the admission.

Q. Do you have tournament hotels?

A. No, we do not have a hotel that we work with but there are many affordable hotels in the area.

Q. Do you offer concessions?

A. There are concessions at both recreation centers that we use. However, should any tournament require a third facility, we use a school and there will not be concessions available there.

Q. By what rules do we play?
A. We use High School Federation Rules with the following exceptions: We shoot free 1 and 1 free throws after the 10th foul of each half as opposed to the 7th foul AND if a team leads by 30 or more points with 3 minutes left in the game ends. PLEASE NOTE!!! ANY ejected coaches and or players or fans will not be able to return to ANY game in the tournament and MUST leave all buildings that the tournament is held in. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
Q. How are tie-breakers determined?
A.  A) 2-way ties, tie-breaker is head to head or B) For 3-way ties team with fewest defensive points allowed. In the unlikely event that B still ends in a tie, a coin flip will determine which team will advance

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